The Wonder Cabinet Book still available!

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 11.12.32 AMThe Wonder Cabinet (Revised Edition) is a compilation of short stories, fables, diaries, and any number of other possibilities, all written by artists that was part of the eponymous exhibition at Flux Factory, New York, in March of 2013. I wrote the last essay in the book. Contributions of varying kinds by Adrian Owen, Alex Nathanson, Ari Richter, Carina Kaufman, Daupo, Georgia Muenster, Irene Lee, Jason Eppink, Kate Jansyn, Marco Castro, Martina Mrongovius, Michelle Leftheris, Mille Højerslev Nielsen, and Stephanie Avery.

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Preternatural Book Still Available

Catalogue cover : Anne Katrine Senstad; The Sugarcane Labyrinth (2009-11)

Catalogue cover : Anne Katrine Senstad; The Sugarcane Labyrinth (2009-11)

Curated by Celina Jeffery. Catalog available HERE

“The preternatural, as explored by these artists, disturb the ontological boundaries of art, nature and metaphysics. They exist within the folds of classificatory thresholds: both beyond and between nature and supernature; human and animal; vegetable and mineral; living and dead.” Celina Jeffrey.

Preternatural is the catalogue for a multi-site art exhibition that took place from December 2011 through February 2012, in Ottawa, Canada that I participated in.
The exhibition draws from the idea that art itself is a form of preternatural pursuit, in which the artists participating explore the bewildering condition of being in between the mundane and the marvelous in nature. It questions a world that understands itself as accessible, reachable, and ‘knowable’ and counters it with a consideration of this heterogenous proposition.