Transcendence, a group exhibition of drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and video installations



Embracing the New Year with a spirit of optimism and hopeful anticipation, Local Project is excited to present Transcendence, a group exhibition of drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and video installations. Surpassing the obscurity and challenges of the present time, we explore how a sense of transcendence, sublimation, and hope is found through the artistic practice and how artists can act as beacons of light and optimism for the entire community.
Curated by John Baber, Gabriella Mazza and Carolina Peñafiel

Jan 30 – Feb 27
Opens Saturday, January 30, 12-8pm
Gallery hrs Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm

Participating Artist:

Ana Urbach, Andrea Bass, Ann Cofta, Caitlin Berndt, Cara Lynch, Carin Dangot, Claire HarnEnz, David McDonough, Deborah Yasinsky, Elaine Chao, Emma Anne Johnson, Gabriella Mazza, Gustavo Rizerio, Hyemi Kim, Ianthe Jackson, Jacqueline Sferra Rada, Jess Hoyt, Jim Seffens, Joseph Bochynski, Jovanni Luna, Judi Keeshan, Julia Forrest, Laura Bell, Leda Brittenham, Lisa Candela, Lisa DiClerico, Lynn Liebert, Marie Sally, Matt White, Michelle O’Connell, Natalia Zamparini, Noah Schmitz, Phil Leith-Tetrault, Rose Silberman-Gorn, Rowynn Dumont, Samm Cohen, Saneun Hwang, Sarah Walko, Tom Pekovitch, Yi Hsuan Sung, Yoshi, Zack Federbush.





View the online exhibition at Open Art Advisory.

This exhibition by Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Senstad brings together three bodies of work based on light, space and perception, and investigate horizons of interior and exterior landscapes. The title of the exhibition is from Norwegian poet and writer Hans Børli who, in addition to writing, survived as a prisoner of war in a camp in Norway during World War II, worked as a teacher and a woodsman all of his life. Senstad recently found herself revisiting his works in the face of our current crisis, drawing on his poems that also traverse eternity, nature and the human condition during crisis.