Currently on View until March 16th, 2018: Case Studies at Gallery Aferro

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The exhibition Cast Studies is open at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ. This installation is titled Raids on the Unspeakable.

Case Studies features 14 artists who have been invited to intervene with re-purposed, salvaged museum display cases. The majority of these cases were donated to Gallery Aferro by George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate’s Museum, as well as from New York Historical Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Large, elegant, dark wood displays, previously used for a traveling exhibition of replica objects from Washington’s life, as well as plexiglass vitrines and pedestals, will be transformed by artists from across the East Coast for a contemporary vision, creating a diverse and unique experience for the viewers because in effect each is creating an exhibit within an exhibit.


Curator, Spring/Break Art Show, NYC

FullSizeRenderCurator in Spring/Break Art Show this year, presenting the work of artist Fernando Orellana. The 2018 theme is A Stranger Comes to Town and Fernando’s piece – titled “You’ll Never Know We Were Here,” will consist of robots participating in an anonymous protest representing immigrants, giving voice to individuals to safely speak their mind. Throughout the duration of the show, the audience will be invited to submit their protest messages through a website and the messages will be made into posters for the robots to automate. The work is a parody for a serious discussion on the absurdity of the current times. In a country that was BUILT upon welcoming immigrants we now face an alarming level of media promoted separateness and fear of “other.” We respond to fear by creating. March 6th – 12th, 2018 NYC.